Brevio Nerve Conduction Monitor


The Brevio Nerve Conduction Monitor is used to test for diabetic neuropathy, tarsal tunnel syndrome, to differentiate a nerve entrapment from plantar fasciitis and more.  The easy to use Brevio performs sensory, motor, and F-wave testing with instant and automatic analysis of results.  It uses reliable gold standard methodology which is used by over 15,000 podiatrists, neurologists, and physiatrists.


  • Professional reports printed conveniently in your office
  • Reimbursement using (3) established CPT codes
  • High Return on investment and a low operating expense

Medicare reimburses approximately $300-$400 per test per patient and private insurances more.

One sensor is used per patient for complete testing at a cost of $28.00.

The Brevio is available for $8500    (includes Brevio unit, gel, 3 boxes of electrodes, 15 On-Demand reports, in office training available)

Additional Boxes of Sensors (5/box)  $140

Analysis by the Neumed neurological service is available via email for only $60 per patient.

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