CTS-5500 diagnostic ultrasound


The CTS-5500 diagnostic ultrasound is a high quality, easy to use, musculoskeletal unit which is light and portable.  The unit also comes equipped with a multi frequency probe and the capability to interface with your computer and EMR.  This is a perfect ultrasound machine for podiatry.


  • Prominent Image Quality
  • Cineloop
  • Extensive measurement and calculation functions (e.g.: wound mapping)
  • Foldaway keyboard
  • 10” high-definition monitor

One year warranty.  As a part of our service, if there should be a need to have your unit repaired, a replacement unit will be shipped to you to prevent as much down time as possible.


  • Standoff Pad (3 gel pads included)  $198
  • Transceptic Cleansing Solution  $12.50
  • Gloss Thermographic Paper  $125
  • Gell Bottle  $6.00
  • Cart $695
  • Thermographic Printer $895
  • In Office Training from $1250
  • Additional Probe  $2250