The Smart-ABI was designed for the front-line physician to easily perform, read, and treat patients that are at risk for PAD. Immediately after the study, a report is ready to be reviewed by the physican. The report includes quantitative, color-coded graphic scores that indicates a Normal, Borderline or Severe risk for PAD.  The patient information is saved in the software as baseline data that enables tracking trends of the patient with medical management and/or post-procedure.

  • Fast – 5 Minute Patient Throughput
  • Saves Time & Reduces Rescheduling
  • Correlates 98% to Doppler
  • Easy-to-use Technology
  • Uses Bluetooth Wireless Cuff Technology for Pulse Volume Recordings & Volume Plethysmography
  • Tracks Medical Management
  • Protocols Using Quantitative Data Analysis
  • Physician-friendly Report
  • Improves quality of referrals

Smart ABI Clinical Exam and Patient Selection Handout

Smart ABI Patient Report

Smart ABI Brochure