Smart Leda Vascular and Sudomotor Testing


The Smart-LEDA Plus is a Smart-LEDA with the additional measurement of the Toe Brachial Indices (TBI).  Our most comprehensive diagnostic including an ABI (with Pulse Volume Recordings and 7 additional markers), a TBI test, and a Sudomotor test (using a change in sympathetic skin response) for Peripheral Autonomic Neuropathy.

  • Fast 7 minute Patient Throughput with all three tests
  • Measurement of ABI is performed by Pulse Volume Recording
  • Report shows ABI, TBI, Volume Plethysmography, Vasomotion, Pressure Waveforms and Velocity Waveforms.
  • Measures cholinergic sympathetic nerves and C-Fiber sweat response
  • Measures blood volume during cardiac cycle
  • Measures rhythmic changes in diameter of vessels
  • Ability to skip a limb or add a manual Blood Pressure
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology for Pulse Volume Recordings and Volume Plethysmography
  • Trends patient results
  • Easy-to-use Technology
  • Eliminates rescheduling
  • Physician-friendly report
  • Portable
  • Immediate results