About IMS Medical Equipment

Michael is a podiatrist by training and never thought about doing anything else until a colleague asked me to help him sell his older equipment so he could upgrade his back office. In that process, I recognized an unfulfilled need in the market, a need that I had felt and saw in the others I interacted with as part of that sales process.

Dr. Schubyn found joy in giving new life to older equipment and to pairing clients with the right equipment for their business, whether they were a new practice needing older equipment to start their practice or a thriving practice looking to upgrade their customer experience with newer equipment. I left my podiatry practice 12 years ago to start IMS Medical Equipment and haven’t looked back. My goal for this company remains the same as the day I started it- to be able to offer everything needed for the back office of a medical offices at affordable prices and quality you can count on.