Doc’s Medical Equipment Repair also repairs podiatry x-ray units such as X-Cel X-Ray and MinXray units.

We offer you quality medical equipment repair which you can trust!

Doc's Medical Equipment Repairs

Doc’s Medical Equipment Repair Shop repairs medical equipment and podiatry equipment in the metro Phoenix, AZ area. We specialize in the repair of:

  • autoclaves
  • power exam chairs
  • medical tables
  • podiatry chairs
  • power procedure tables
  • power procedure chairs
  • whirlpools
  • cast saws
  • Mettler Sonicators
  • therapeutic ultrasound machines
  • muscle stimulation units
  • hyfrecators
  • and more

Locally, in the Phoenix area you can drop off your medical equipment for repair at our repair shop or you can call us for service in your office. Nationally, you can send in your equipment for evaluation and medical repair.

Medical Exam Chair Cushion Re-upholstery

Doc’s Medical Equipment Repair Shop reupholsters:

  • power exam chairs
  • power procedure tables
  • exam tables
  • podiatry chairs
  • chiropractic tables
  • dental chairs

Starting from $598. The cushions will be reupholstered to the original pattern in a choice of 20 colors. You can drop off your cushions or call us for pick up. Nationally, you can send in your cushions.

Power exam chairs, podiatry chairs, power procedure tables, autoclaves, cast saws, and whirlpools are available as loaners while your equipment is being repaired.