HF54 – Hands Free Ultrasound and Light Therapy


Horizon Light Therapy

new-light-therapy-horizon-standaloneThe Horizon Infrared and Red Light Therapy unit delivers a Powerful 800mW of Infrared(880nm) and Red(660nm) through a 2″ diameter probe.  The Horizon Probe can be purchased as a plug-in to the HF54 for $1499 or as a Standalone for $1795.  The Standalone unit can be wall or tabletop mounted.

Powerful: 800mW    Dosage – Every 90 Seconds = 4 Joule/cm2.  Typical Treatment Sessions Are Between 30 and 180 Seconds,  2 – 4 Times a Week

new-light-therapy-horizon-handpieceEffective: NASA exclusively uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs). “LEDs stimulate the basic energy processes in the mitochondria (energy compartments) of each cell. DNA synthesis in fibroblasts and muscle cells has been quintupled using LED light alone.” 2 “Evidence indicates that cells absorb photons and transform their energy into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the form of energy that cells utilize. The resulting ATP is then used to power metabolic processes; synthesize DNA, RNA, proteins, enzymes, and other products needed to repair or regenerate cell components; foster mitosis or cell proliferation; and restore homeostasis. 3

new-light-therapy-horizon-cellLED vs. Laser (LLLT): “The light source does not have to be a laser in order to have a therapeutic effect. It just has to be light of the right wavelength.” 3

Safe: Light Therapy can safely be applied directly over the spinal cord, joint replacements, internal metal, and joint capsules in arthritic conditions.  Muscle stimulation and ultrasound are contraindicated in these areas.

new-light-therapy-horizon-graphDepth of Penetration: Measured Spectroscopically, light photons at wavelengths between 630-800 nm travel 23 cm through the surface tissue and muscle. 1

Affordable: Compare: price and power output to the competition.


Glossary of Terms:
LED – Light emitting diode
SLD – Super luminous diode
IR – Infrared
mW – Milliwatts
nm – Nanometers
Hz – Hertz
J – Joules
LLLT – Low level laser therapy or cold laser

1.Chance, B., Nioka, S., Kent, J., McCully, K., Fountain, M., Greenfield, R., Holtom, G., “Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of Hemoglobin and Myoglobin in Resting and Ischemic Muscle,” Analytical Biochemistry 174, 698-707 (1988).

2.CP552, Space Technology and Applications International Forum-2001, edited by M. S. El-Genk 0 2001 American Institute of Physics

3.Enwemeka, S. Chukuka, “Therapeutic Light,” Rehab Management January/February (2004)

HF54 – Hands Free Ultrasound

new-therapeutic-ultrasound-HF54IFC/ Premod & Infrared Light
Standard HF54


A Superior Ultrasound Treatment

*First and Only Ultrasound Cleared by the FDA for Hands Free Use*

new-therapeutic-ultrasound-HF54-headThe HF54 eliminates the two most common application errors associated with a traditional manual ultrasound treatment.  These errors have been shown to reduce the effectiveness of ultrasound.  These errors are:

1) Treating for less than 10 minutes.
2) Treating too large of a surface area.  The HF54 eliminates these errors and therefore provides a superior ultrasound treatment.

new-therapeutic-ultrasound-HF54-tableThe HF54 produces an even distribution of sound waves throughout its large (3 5/8″) soundhead.  Two channels of interferential and premod current are included with the unit.  Premod can be used in combination with ultrasound directly through 1 or 2 soundheads.

The Horizon, a powerful 2″ diameter red(660nm) and infrared(880nm) light probe is available as a plug-in with the HF54 or as a Standalone.  Stimulation, both soundheads and Horizon light therapy can be used at the same time.

HF54 with Interferential and Premod

  • Hands Free Therapeutic Ultrasound
  • Combo Ultrasound and Premod Directly Through Soundhead
  • Dual Soundheads (optional)
  • Horizon Light Therapy (optional)


  • Eliminates the Common Errors Associated with Manual Ultrasound
  • Controlled, Repeatable Treatments
  • 3 Therapies in 1 Unit
  • Quick and Easy Setup

3 5/8″ Diameter Soundhead w/ Gel Pad

  • New Low Cost Gel Pad
  • 3 Crystals, Uniform Ultrasound
  • 1 Mhz, 50% Pulsed Ultrasound
  • New Universal Swivel(not shown here)


  • Contours to Body Curvatures
  • Soundhead Cannot Burn Out in Open Air
  • Premod Through Soundhead
  • 13 X the Size of a 5cm2 Soundhead
  • No Mess, Reusable Gel Pad
Standard HF54 $3195.00
Second Soundhead $  595.00
Horizon Light Therapy with HF54 $1499.00
Standalone Light Therapy $1795.00
Box of New Gel Pads (10) $    18.50
Box of Aquaflex Gel Pads (6) $    47.50
Hill Labs New Gel Pad (1) $     1.85
Aquaflex Gel Pad (1) $     8.00
Retainer Ring $     7.00
Standard Weight Bag $    25.00
Double Weight Bag $    28.00
Spray Bottle $      1.50
48″ x 2″ Velcro Strap $      7.25
24″ x 4″ Velcro Strap $      8.25
Cut Off Switch $    27.50
New 2″ Round Electrodes – 4 Pack $      2.80
New 3″ Round Electrodes – 2 Pack $      2.80
New 4″ Round Electrodes – 2 Pack $      3.99
Muscle Simulation Wires $    25.90
new-therapeutic-ultrasound-HF54-back new-therapeutic-ultrasound-HF54-carpal new-therapeutic-ultrasound-HF54-ankle
new-therapeutic-ultrasound-HF54-elbow new-therapeutic-ultrasound-HF54-knee new-therapeutic-ultrasound-HF54-lowback
new-therapeutic-ultrasound-HF54-shoulder new-therapeutic-ultrasound-HF54-ankle2