Sonicator 716

The Sonicator 716 is a lightweight, portable ultrasound that features a 10 cm2/ 1 MHz applicator. It is ideal for treating shoulders, backs and other large, muscular areas. The Sonicator 716, like all Sonicators, is built to meet all international safety standards, so it can travel anywhere and deliver world-class quality and performance.

Sonicator® Therapeutic Ultrasound
In 1957 Mettler Electronics Corp. revolutionized the therapeutic ultrasound industry with the Sonicator®. Portable and lightweight, it was the first of its kind. Still today, 50,000 units later, the Sonicator is the standard in therapeutic ultrasound devices. All Sonicator devices feature detachable applicator cables, continuous and pulsed modes, built-in applicator cradles and a two-year limited warranty, one-year on applicators and cable.

new-sonicator-depthDepth of penetration
Arrows indicate the relative depth of ultrasound penetration between 1 MHz and 3.3 MHz frequencies.

new-sonicator-applicatorsDirect Crystal-to-Patient
All Sonicator ultrasound applicators feature unique crystal-to-patient technology that delivers ultrasound directly to the patient without a metal interface as well as watertight characteristics for underwater therapy.